for gospel messages preached at Gospel of Grace Ministries. Also contains articles and photo albums.
Please make use of a few of our blog sites. The first one emphasizes the issues of the eternal purpose of God in the sovereign purpose and decrees from a Supralapsarian perspective. The others are blogs from people I know personally and deal with various other issues worth noting.

The "Audio" section of the links features our Sermon Audio site that has messages preached at Gospel of Grace Ministries. Our Christ-Centered Conferences are there as well as some debates. Also the sermon site has articles and photo albums.

The rest of the links on this page contain hundreds of articles, most of which we agree with, but read with caution to determine whether what you are reading lines up with God's word. As with any website link there may be a few things on these other sites that we do not agree with 100%.

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Scott Price has a You Tube Channel. The are some animated videos created. There are plans for live video preaching, teaching, interviews, etc.

Scott Price You Tube Channel

Scott Price uses Face Book to network with people about the gospel. Also, links to additional Face Book pages Scott developed. I-am-a-Supralapsarian

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