Our chief concern is seeing the LORD as He reveals Himself in His word. We should see Him high and lifted up in a way that humbles us and causes us to worship God for who He is. God Almighty is concerned with Himself first and foremost and we should be too. This attitude should give us the proper focus for our efforts in ministry.


God's people are His children and they need to grow. The word "edify" means to build up. To have continued growth they need spiritual food. We are to always encourage growth and maturity in the faith. Too many ministries keep God's people in a baby stage, sometimes for life, which is very unfortunate.


Apologetics is the defense of the faith. God's people are all called to that. Our website name is GospelDefense.com because we see the vital importance of guarding the precious truth of God's gospel, not just for the sake of His character but also for the health of the church.


Evangelism is an important function of the entire church. It is the declaration of God's gospel as the means for His people to be brought to faith in Christ. None will come to the LORD by faith without the means of His gospel being communicated to the elect.

Our Location:

Gospel of Grace Ministries currently meets in Okeana, Ohio on Chapel Rd. in the Postal Code area of 45053 

Meeting time:  Sunday 11:30am

If you are interested in visiting you can write to gospeldefense@gmail.com for specifics. Or look me up on social media and contact me there:

Our mailing address is
2329 Chapel Rd.
Okeana, OH 45053​

 Christ-Centered Ministry in the Cincinnati area  standing for the truth of God's sovereign grace 
 Gospel  of  Grace  Ministries
"The Ministry", What is it?

​​by Scott Price

For centuries the idea of "ministry" has been misconstrued. What does the word ministry even mean? It means service. "Is that all?", some may ask. Of course there are many aspects to service that are outlined on this page and on this site, but that is basically it. Now, the main thing we should ask ourselves about the ministry is; does it fit with our chief end, which is to glorify God and enjoy Him. That alone is a great topic to take up that many "ministries" are not even clear about.

Many questions flood the mind at this point about ministry or service. Those questions have to do with motive, incentive, salvation, doctrine, theology, knowledge, qualifications, etc.. This one, brief, introduction will not suffice but should rather start one on the path of thinking along the lines of what real ministry is.

Off to the left of the "Our Ministry" button on our menu are a few articles that will get you started.

For more information please email Scott Price at GospelDefense@gmail.com

Want to see some pictures of our  functions, conferences and visiting friends? click here

Scott Price is director of Gospel of Grace Ministries and Webmaster of this site. He is married to Becky, has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Converted in 1987, he has been seeking to find and fellowship with those who uncompromisingly stand for the truth of God's free and sovereign grace. Feel free to write Scott at anytime.


"And they were continuing steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine, and in fellowship and in the breaking of the loaves, and in prayers." 
Act 2:42

"..... to testify fully the gospel of the grace of God."  Acts 20:24b

"... your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now;"  Phil 1:5

Places to visit near us:

Jungle Jim's International Market


Thanks to all those who support this ministry financially, especially the ones who do not have a local ministry of their own to attend.  If you would like to donate - use our PayPal button below or make checks payable to Gospel of Grace Ministries

Mailing address is
​2329 Chapel Rd.
Okeana, Ohio 45053​
2329 C
Gospel of Grace meets every Sunday at 11:30am EST
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