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For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified."   I Cor 2:2

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Christ is the Glory of God!

By Scott Price

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans3:23

When I was a young boy lost in false religion, Romans 3:23 was my first memory verse. We have heard it many times quoted and referred to in the so-called "Romans road". Reading the verse over the years only confirmed what I already knew by my natural conscience that God has given all men. The verse pointed out my guilt over and over. The work I put forth in trying to do better just kept getting harder.

One evening God revealed to me WHO was the end of the Law. Not just to be the end of the Law period, but for the sake of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Jesus Christ the righteous was the end of the Law for me because He honored, kept, fulfilled and magnified the Law of God Almighty. He performed the glorious work of propitiation (satisfying the justice demanded of that Law), which resulted in reconciliation and justification for His people. He kept the Law they could not keep. He died the death they could not die. I saw my need fulfilled. That was something I could use. It was something that would last because it was complete and accomplished by the right Person. It became a work of value to me, the pearl of great price that was irresistible to me.

Whenwe read Romans 3:23 we should see WHO the glory of God is. It is the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. He is the glory of God that we have fallen short of. He alone met God's perfect standard of holiness and righteousness. That is why we who are His people live by the rule of"God forbid that we should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Galatians 6:14). His work is perfect. He Himself is perfect. Thank God that by the imputation of Christ's righteousness, His people are now perfect and acceptable according to the holy standard of God, which we fell short of before. Christ is that standard. We glory in His glory. Thank God for grace!
It Is Finished!

By Scott Price

"When Jesus had therefore received the vinegar, He said, It is finished: and He bowed His head and gave up the ghost."  John 19:30

Like in every generation, people seem to want to do something to "get saved". They strive and work to satisfy God and relieve their conscience of the guilt they have for disobeying God's holy Law. They can never be satisfied or assured of true salvation until their conscience can be completely purged of dead works. Dead works are done when the sinner is doing a work that is notof faith and by a wrong motive.

Good works are works done by a justified person who is one already saved by Christ from all condemnation and guilt of their sin, all this based on a righteousness Christ has given them by imputation or transferring it to their account. These works are done out of love and thanksgiving. Dead works are done out of fear of punishment and a promise of a reward, which are wrong motives.

The justified person starts out a full-fledged saint (sanctified or set apart and made holy by God)
works on thatground from day one. The one committing dead works is in some way trying to attain sanctification or justification. These dead works are self righteous and evil because they put into question the finished work of Christ as if His work is not good enough. The sinner committing dead works of self righteousness is really saying his works are better than those perfect works of Jesus Christ the Lord.

People then ask "What must I do to be saved?"The answer is; believe. This answer should not just be proclaimed but also explained. Belief, or faith is not just believing something is true but it goes further than that. Belief involves a trust, a counting on, a leaning on, and a confidence and assurance in. True faith (and repentance) takes the trust you had in yourself and 
gladly gets rid of it, then counts on the finished, perfect work of Jesus Christ. His work is the only work that makes the difference between saved or lost,Heaven or Hell. If you try to add to the successful, victorious work of Christ on the cross by self righteous, dead works you are only deceiving yourself. God hates the evil deeds of those who would seek to compete with the work of His Son.

Christ has finished the work of perfect righteousness for His people. The work is already done. Do you need His righteousness? Do you want His righteousness? Do you have His righteousness by imputation? Are you trusting Him for righteousness? Do you realize God hates your own righteousness andcalls it filthy rags? Have you turned from your own righteousness and turned to Christ for His? Have you stopped working for salvation and completely are resting in His finished work that He accomplished on the cross? If so, you must be one the people for whom He established a righteousness for and has given faith to. Thank God He reveals grace with HIS works and shows us OUR works are worthless, otherwise we would not see either one. To God be the glory.

Christ, The Exclusive Way

By Scott Price

"I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father but by me." John 14:6

The statement by Christ in claiming to be THE way, THE truth, and The life is a very narrow statement that absolutely does not tolerate or compromise with false religion. In the statement He is
claiming that He ALONE is the ONLY Mediator between God the Father and man. He is saying that any other way is FALSE. He is saying that any so-called truth beside Him is not the truth but rather a LIE.

In this statement,along with the clear testimony of the whole of Scripture, Christ demands faith exclusively in Him alone and repent of every false way. All other ways are lies that would seek to compete with the righteousness of Christ and the glory of God.

As God's people we are not ashamed to follow in His footsteps with this statement. This will be an offense to people but God's word tells us to preach a clear
, defined, sound gospel of grace that spells out who Christ is and declares the blessed merit of His perfect work. We must be intolerant of EVERY false way and not compromise for anything or anybody.

God's people will suffer persecution and be hated for His gospel. There is a way that seems right and there is a way that is right. The true gospel of grace separates these two in a fashion that shows you must repent of the way of self-righteousness and cling to,trust, and hope in the way of the righteousness of Christ alone for your salvation and acceptance with God. The people of God love the truth and continue in it. He is the Truth and we abide in Him and He in us. This is the only exclusive Savior. Worship Him or perish!

The Christ of God

By Scott Price

"Yet I have set My King upon My holy hill of Zion." Psalm2:6

The absolute sovereignty of the Father shines forth as He is pleased to present His blessed eternal Son and declare Him as King and Mediator of the Everlasting Covenant of Grace. Never mind the raging of the nations and the conspiracy against the LORD and His Anointed. They are no threat to an all powerful, sovereign God. He laughs at their wimpy rebellion. His agenda is in the forefront and He announces He has a King of His own that has been put in place by His own hand to do His will and fulfill His purpose.

"Behold My servant, whom I uphold; Mine elect, in whom My soul delights; I have put My spirit upon Him...." Isaiah 42:1. The Father is delighted in His choice, anointing, and appointing of His Son, the only qualified Mediator of the Covenant. The Father sovereignly acted as the Grand Designer of the Covenant and the Son is the Living Word who shows the only way of reconciliation with a holy God. The Father is pleased with Christ and has approved of Him in every way imaginable.

Notice the Father is not only the one who chose Christ but also set Him in His place of Kingship. Christ is God's King in other words. The Lord Jesus Christ, in His office as Mediator, subjected Himself to the will of the Father and humbled Himself, making Himself of no reputation and becoming a servant voluntarily. God sets His King on His holy hill of Zion. Zion is also God's Zion. The Divine sovereign right of ownership is clear and Christ is the Purchaser and Ruler of this Zion, Jerusalem, or the church, with His own precious blood. This is the "Arm of the LORD", which shall not fail. He is the Christ of God and this fact alone sheds much light on the wisdom of God, which leads confidence to His trustworthiness.

Man's Best is Iniquity
by Scott Price

"And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:23

Man will NEVER stop trying to merit salvation by his own righteousness UNTIL God, by the power of the Spirit and the means of the gospel, gives him life and opens his eyes to see his righteousness as sin that needs repented of. Scripture gives testimony that men will be deceived by self righteousness all the way up to judgment day, when it will be revealed as sin. This deceiving righteousness that Man produces is loved and very highly esteemed in his own eyes but is an abomination in the sight of God (Luke 16:15).

When a person's own righteousness is worked up it is looked upon by him and others around him as being the best thing they can bring to God. People in false religion, are sincere, and zealous, fully expecting to be blessed based upon that righteousness they are trying to establish. Like Cain, he gives God his best. The problem is that God will NEVER accept Man's best. Scripture testifies that Man at his best is altogether vanity (Psalm 39:5). But folks will continue to plead his own righteousness UNTIL the gospel is heard, understood, and believed. At that point they will see their best was really the worst, dung and filthy rags.

Notice in the man in Matthew 7:22 mentions all his best achievements that are very highly esteemed in the sight of men. Christ said that even men's best deeds were iniquity. The man did not list stealing, lying, adultery, etc. He named preaching, casting out demons, and many wonderful works. The bottom line is that God will only accept a person that which meets His holy, strict, standard of perfection and sinlessness. That means God only accepts the best from Christ as He represents a person as He stands in their place. If we are to be saved we MUST be "accepted in the beloved" (Ephesians 1:6). This is done by an imputation (not impartation) of righteousness. This is the ground of justification which was merited by Christ alone when He successfully obtained eternal redemption for His people.

Man's best will NEVER do. We must call men to repent of their best (dead works) and look to the ONLY standard, Christ, the object of our faith. Trust in, and lean on Him. He is our only hope and all other self righteous hopes are iniquity and death. The gospel spells this out clearly and God's people know and love that truth.

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