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What is this page about?

by Scott Price

Some call it "High Grace" or "High Calvinism" while others wrongly call it "Hyper-Calvinism". It is the issue that goes beyond the basic truth of the doctrines of grace and takes the reader into other related issues. Many people who come across these issues are scared off by the misinformation or characterization from others who, either, are bias or don't know any better. These issues delve into God's character attributes, God's intent, His decrees, purpose, will and His glory.

The major issues on this page will be as follows:

Is grace common or only particular?

Is the gospel an offer or a declaration?

Is predestination single or double?

What is the difference in Lapsarian doctrines (Infra or Supra) or, in other words, how should one view the order of God's decrees?

This page will favor the minority view, which is particular grace, the gospel declaration, double predestination and that of Supralapsarianism. The part most find with refreshing about our ministry is a zeal for evangelism and showing the consistent view of God using the gospel as a means in, both, conversion and regeneration, which is another minority view. Our position will easily show we are not fatalists nor Hyper-Calvinistic in our view of the purpose of the gospel.
Look at these issues without fear and keep an open mind while studying prayerfully.

This page has nothing to do with the timing of Justification. There is much confusion about lumping different Lapsarian positions depending on their view of Eternal Justification or Justification by the Imputed Righteousness of Christ in the context of Regeneration and Conversion. Most who hold to Eternal Justification are Infralapsarian.

The last note is a disclaimer -  I cannot guarantee that all the authors on these links to articles are consistent in all that they say in the featured articles or their other material on their own site. 

Absolute Sovereignty
Particular, Effectual & Sovereign Grace,
The ONLY Kind There Is

"And all the people of the earth are counted as nothing; and He does according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the people of the earth. And none can strike His hand, or say to Him, What are You doing?"    Daniel 4:35
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